Veolia Environmental Services in Hampshire
In 1995, Veolia won a 28-year contract with Hampshire County Council for the management of all municipal waste. The partnership between Hampshire County Council, and the 13 Local and Unitary Authorities, and Veolia is known as Project Integra. Since the start of the contract over a decade ago, the infrastructure has been completed, and the original targets met and exceeded. Veolia is the main contractor for Project Integra.

Materials recovery

Material recovery facilities

The kerbside collections schemes are delivered to the Materials Recovery Facilities (MRFs).

Energy recovery

Energy recovery facilities

The household waste that used to go to landfill in Hampshire is now sent for energy recovery.


Recycling in Hampshire

Paper, plastic bottles and cans are not the only things we recycle in Hampshire.

Waste management

Integrated waste management

The Hampshire waste strategy is the most progressive integrated waste management system in Britain.

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