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Values and responsibility

We are in the business of environmental services. To us, environmental responsibility and sustainable development are not simply a corporate strategy; they are also our livelihood.
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Through initiatives in the workplace, marketplace, community and environment, our goal is to transform attitudes towards waste – and turn waste into a resource.

Our company-wide efforts have been rewarded with a Platinum rating in the BitC Corporate Responsibility Index, which we are delighted to retain through 2013.

We received a Big Tick in the 2013 BitC National Awards, within the Workplace Talent and Skills categories. We also retain our Big Tick in the Climate Change category.

  • Responsible Business Week
    Responsible Business Week

    We are proud to announce our headline sponsorship of Responsible Business Week (31 March - 4 April 2014) in partnership with Business in the Community.

  • Imagine 2050
    Imagine 2050

    Imagine living in a city in 2050. In a home with nanobots to sort your waste, a self-cleaning bathroom and where you can make your own plastic! Follow the links below to see how Veolia predicts the challanges of the future and imagines the house of 2050.

  • Community volunteering
    Employee volunteering in action!

    We encourage all our staff to spend a paid half day a year giving something back to their local community.
  • Veolia Volunteers
    Need volunteers?

    If you are looking for volunteers to help your organisation, fill out the form below and we'll be in touch.
  • Veolia's environmental responsibility

    Our responsibility to help secure a positive future for the environment is a challenge we are proud to meet.
  • Case Studies
    Case Studies

    As an environmental services provider, acting responsibly is our livelihood. Our services touch the lives of nearly one third of the UK’s population and we’ve invested heavily in the UK’s recycling and waste infrastructure, generating thousands of jobs and significant benefits to local communities through the resulting economic activity.

  • Annual Review
    Annual Review

    Our Annual Review provides a snapshot of the successes that have made us proud over the past year, within our Corporate Responsibility framework, Go further together.

  • Veolia's role in the community

    Community responsibility is at the heart of what we do. We are committed to respecting local communities and make every effort to reduce the impact of our activities on the people who live and work near our sites.
  • Veolia's responsibility in the workplace

    We value our people. We rely on their skills, ingenuity and dedication to help satisfy our customers, protect our environment and promote the success of our business every day.
  • Marketplace

    In order to uphold an ethical, responsible approach to the marketplace, businesses need clear goals and a robust strategy to guide them through tough dilemmas and management challenges.
  • Veolia environmental trust
    The Veolia Environmental Trusts

    Our activities are backed by the work of the Veolia Environmental Trust and the Veolia Cleanaway Trusts, which fund community, environmental and restoration projects near our landfills and other facilities.

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