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Industrial services

Our highly skilled industrial cleaning and maintenance services can minimise your costs and operational downtime while adding value to your industrial processes.

Calling upon years of experience and expertise, our team can provide you with specialist, cost effective and creative cleaning, recycling and waste management services.

Our in-house QSHE (Quality, Safety, Health and Environment) team makes sure our customers are the first to know about new legislation, ensuring your compliance with relevant regulations and keeping you up to date with the latest health and safety developments.

From Shetland to the south coast, our depots are strategically located to guarantee fast response times to all the major industrial areas. We also operate an extensive fleet, including:

  • High Airflow Tankers working at up to 8000 cubic metres per hour.
  • Liquid ring high vacuum tankers
  • Jetting Rigs
  • Mobile Vacuum Equipment
  • Emergency Response Vehicles

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