Veolia Environmental Services - Landfill Sites

Recovery, treatment and disposal

Responsible waste management does not end when the materials leave your premises.

Our network of recovery, treatment and disposal facilities offer a high quality solution to deal with your waste.  Operating to rigorous standards, we can help to further minimise the effect of your waste on the environment cost-effectively.

We consistently meet or exceed legislative requirements and we can guarantee you safe disposal of your waste.  Please view the links below for further information.

  • Veolia Environmental Service - Employee recycling
    Recycling facilities

    We operate a network of recycling facilities across the UK, including Materials Recovery Facilities (MRFs), composting sites and paper and card facilities.
  • Veolia employee handling hazardous waste
    Hazardous waste facilities

    We offer a safe, rapid and effective service for the collection, treatment and disposal of hazardous wastes.
  • Portsmouth Energy Recovery Facility
    Energy Recovery Facilities

    Our Energy Recovery Facilities utilise world-class technology to safely transform residual waste into energy for the National Grid, supplying sufficient energy from waste to power over 280,000 homes annually.
  • Veolia waste management services - Landfill
    Landfill sites

    The UK creates 330 million tonnes per annum of waste. Whilst stringent legislation and the current social climate are creating an increase in levels of landfill diversion, it is still the most used method of waste management and disposal.

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