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Integrated services

Local Authorities can be faced with a complex array of options when developing waste strategies. Veolia’s integrated services offer a coherent, sustainable way to manage waste safely now and in the future.

We are the only UK company to provide the full range of waste and recycling services, to provide efficient, 'joined up' services for you and your community.

Backed by over 20 years' experience, our approach works. Many of our Local Authority customers across the UK have improved their collection services, increased recycling rates and established advanced Materials Recovery Facilities (MRFs), Energy Recovery Facilities (ERFs) and composting  facilities that will serve their communities well for many years to come.

Clear targets

We begin by gaining an understanding of an Authority’s geographical and demographic make-up as well as its current performance and short and long-term goals.  We then work with our clients to develop a solution which applies the principles of the Waste Hierarchy to offer efficient, value for money services and state-of-the-art infrastructure.

Clear progress

Through strict benchmarking we compare our performance standards and processes with other Local Authorities across a wide range of indicators, ensuring consistent improvement and informing all our stakeholders about our progress.

Clear communications

We’ve found that successful strategies must be backed by clear, sympathetic, professional communication with residents. 

We invite participation through consultations and focus groups. We take our message directly to the public with doorstepping campaigns, themed roadshows and school visits; and reinforce our activities with direct mail, advertising, promotions and dedicated websites. 

These methods help us to keep residents informed, increase participation in recycling schemes and share our own enthusiasm and pride in the services we provide.

Solutions available

  • Veolia Environmental Services- PFI & PPP
    PFI & PPP

    The Private Finance Initiative (PFI) or the Public Private Partnership (PPP) is the principal means used by Local Authorities for raising finance for new waste management services and infrastructure.
  • Veolia's educational outreach
    Education outreach

    Professional and sympathetic communications are a key element of many of our integrated waste management contracts.
  • Veolia employee outside material recovery facility
    Materials Recovery

    As recycling volumes increase we help local authorities to find progressive ways to handle recovered materials, minimising contamination and finding a good market for recyclates.
  • Civic amenity sites
    Civic amenity sites

    Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRCs) provide a simple and convenient way to dispose of residential bulky or special wastes.
  • Veolia staff working at an energy recovery facility
    Energy Recovery Facilities

    Energy recovery is an important source of renewable, sustainable energy and a vital link in the waste management chain. Veolia’s energy recovery facilities (ERFs) complement integrated local waste strategies, helping to meet recovery and carbon emission targets.
  • Veolia integrated services - Anaerobic digestion
    Anaerobic digestion

    Anaerobic digestion is a form of biological treatment which digests food waste in a closed bioreactor.
  • Veolia recycling services - Mechanical bioloigcal treatment
    Mechanical Biological Treatment

    Mechanical Biological Treatment (MBT) offers an alternative for Local Authorities looking for new ways to dispose of residual waste.
  • Veolia waste management services - Landfill

    The UK creates 330 million tonnes of waste each year. Whilst the regulatory and social climate is successfully increasing landfill diversion, for the foreseeable future landfill will remain a necessary waste management option.

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