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Sheffield, the greenest city in England, is home to over half a million people living in 227,000 households. We are working with Sheffield City Council to manage the rubbish created by the residents of the city. We empty bins, provide recycling services and generate electricity and heat from some of the rubbish that can’t be recycled. We also make sure that anything that can’t be recycled or used to generate power is disposed of safely. Since we started working together ten years ago, the city has increased its recycling rate from 4% to 30% and now sends less than 10% of its rubbish to landfill.

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Veolia recycling bring banks

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Veolia's new recycling service

Use our postcode search facility to find out what day of the week your bins will be collected.

Garden waste recycling

End of green bin trial

Veolia are offering residents across the city a chargeable garden waste recycling service.

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